A Moment in a Painting

It's been a while since I've had time to post anything on here. Between being sick and doing advocacy for burn pits veterans, seems I lost touch with one of the things that keep me grounded and that's my art. In the past year I've been hospitalized 12 times, from what I hear that's not uncommon amongst veterans that are sick due to toxic exposure. If it was not for my art I would have lost my mind at about hospitalization number 4. Thats why my art is so important to me, it is my therapy. Even if one is not good at drawing or painting, art can be a way to release stress and anger. Give it a try sometime you'll find I am right.

On another note, I was able to attend the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on the HONORING OUR PACT ACT. It was very enlightening. I was extremely concerned how politicians use veterans to gain brownie points with the voters. most write bills that do nothing for veterans just so they can say they support veterans. I for one am sick and tired of the crumbs they toss at us and use us for political gain. This must stop and they must pass the HONORING OUR PACT ACT bill now. I am a member of a group of veterans and their family members called Burn Pits 360. We advocate for legislation like the PACT ACT to help veterans get the healthcare that the VA has been denying them. Today I am honored to announced that a donation from sales on my website will be given to Burn Pits 360 in the amount of 50% of all sales. Please help out this awesome organization and make a purchase today.

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